Parks & Recreation Board

Donnie Ireland, Chairman

Tommye Quilty

Jordan Krueger

Sarah Montgomery

Kodi Tubbs

Jennie Russell

Dana Zembles


Under authority of the State laws of Missouri Sections 67.750 and 67.765, RSMo., there be and is hereby created a Park and Recreation Board in the City of Mound City, Missouri, which shall consist of seven (7) members who are residents of the City of Mound City, Missouri.  (Ord. No. 877 §1, 5-4-95)

The members of the Board shall be appointed by the Mayor with the approval of the Board of Aldermen for terms of five (5) years each, Annually on or before the first (1st) meeting in May, the Mayor shall, by and with the consent of the Board, appoint members to the vacant seats who shall hold office for five (5) years.