Animal Control

Impounded Dog

Pictures will be posted here when a dog is impounded.

Contact the Police Department at 660.442.3636 or City Hall at 442.3447 to claim or adopt an impounded animal.

Dog Licenses

All dogs over the age of six months must be licensed.

Dog licenses are due by July 1st of every year.

Fees are:
$7.50 for males and fixed females
$10.00 for unfixed females
$3.00 a month fee will be accessed starting July 1st.

Proof of rabies vaccination from a vet is required along with a picture of the dog.



Unrestrained or unlicensed dogs may be taken and impounded. Animals impounded shall be kept at least five (5) business days unless reclaimed by their owners or their owner executes a release allowing the animal to become property of the City prior to the end of such time period. At the end of the five (5) business days, the animal shall immediately become the property of the City at which time the City may either put the animal up for adoption or have it humanely euthanized. If the owner executes a release and surrenders the animal to the City then the animal shall be kept at least twenty-four (24) hours and then either put up for adoption or humanely euthanized. (Ord. No. 984 §9, 10-4-01; Ord. No. 1138 §1, 7-9-09)



No owner or person shall be allowed to redeem an animal from the pound unless said person:

  1. Pays a standard fee per day of confinement ($7.50) and impoundment fee ($25.00) established by the Board of Aldermen;
  2. Presents a valid city license when the impounded animal is a dog;
  3. Presents written proof that the animal has received a rabies vaccination if the impounded animal is a dog over six (6) months old.

The owner may also be proceeded against for violation of this Chapter and his/her permit may be revoked. (Ord. No. 984 §10, 10-4-01)


Keeping of Certain Animals Prohibited

See Chapter 205 of the Mound City Municipal Code.